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Established in 1961 after the Society purchased a small steam locomotive from the Otago Harbour Board and later received permission to build a small section of track to run on in St Kilda, Dunedin. This was the first locomotive to be preserved in working order in New Zealand. The first track was donated by the Dunedin City Council from the remaining portion of the original Ocean Beach Railway which ran to Andersons Bay and the Forbury Racecourse along Victoria Road.

Since the original concept of the line has expanded as more locomotives and rolling stock were acquired and the track extended up the hill towards St Clair. In order to maintain our locomotives and rolling stock after being overhauled, it has become necessary to invest a large portion of our resources in our Depot and Carriage Storage Building.

After over 50 years of operating successfully, the Society has been required to replace some of the original track with newer and heavier rails and this renewal operation commenced in 2012. Most of the work has been carried out by our members as time and resources permitted.

Our members come from a cross section of the community who enjoy working as a team and seeing their labours build a working railway for the City similar to that now enjoyed by many other parts of New Zealand.

If you would like to join our Society please download and complete the membership application and email or post it to the address shown or hand it to another Society member. We welcome all new members no matter what skills they possess as there are opportunities to work on all sorts of maintenance or operational activities, or assist with the progress of rolling stock restoration now taking place.